On Thursday 3 May at 11:50, Steve Armstrong, Head of Sales UK Division at Mabey Bridge will be presenting ‘The application of Eurocodes in the fabrication of steel rail bridges’ at Infrarail.

With the implementation of Eurocodes in bridge design, designers and fabricators have had to get used to a new set of rules.

Network rail structures are no exception to this, and this presentation will highlight the impact of the changes from a fabricator’s point of view.

Whether it is the role of the Welding Engineer, Execution Class or the Specification Requirements, this presentation will explain the requirements of the Eurocodes for steel fabrication and will identify some of the potential pitfalls in their use.

Mabey Bridge has a history dating back to 1849, and specialises in the fabrication, erection and protective treatment of high quality plated steelwork for bridges, wind turbine towers, monopiles and other heavy steel structures in the UK and Ireland.

The company is currently fabricating one of the first large viaducts built in accordance with Eurocodes and can therefore offer a unique insight into the application of these new standards in the rail industry.